Alphaxi AKA Charlène

Web & Graphic designer
Yeah it’s me. French, native from the south west (where the temperatures are still acceptable, and near the beach) , passionnated about graphic arts and new technologies, but also about tattoos and I’m a real cat lover.
However, to the question « What do you want to do when you grow up? » I always replied (like every one I guess) : vet, or archaeologist.
I could have started my story with « I ever knew I wanted to work in arts… » but It would be lying!
Actually, I discovered my « artistic sens » in middle school , and then in high school, I knew I wanted to become a graphic designer, and there it is! (after few years of studies at least…)

I’m a real globe trotter, I love travelling, so I started to work as a freelance, and nowadays I’m living like a « digital nomad », yeah, it means that i’m working while travelling, wonderful hey?

Hum, so, I’m sagittarius! and I’m very unstable concerning my hair color, and then I’m also an instagram addict